Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Remastering the West Virginia Explorer

SINCE 1999, WEST VIRGINIA EXPLORER HAS endeavored to provide Mountain State visitors the best possible experience in pleasure travel. To achieve this, we've drawn on years of experience in real-world journalism, we've consulted hundreds of authorities in every aspect of state history, and we've coordinated efforts with hundreds of kindred spirits, without whose support none of this would be possible.

No part of our motivation will change anytime soon. But our method is changing, even as I write this. For instance: why I am writing to you through a blog rather than through the frontspiece of our corporate site at The Internet and its relationship to mankind has changed -- that's why.

For more than a decade, we've plodded solidly along through a remarkably unsolid landscape. Nothing was sure. There were no business models. Our compassion and faith in our mission moved us forward. Our labors were expended on the development of more than six million pages on the World Wide Web, in concert with some of the biggest names in West Virginia travel -- Glade Springs Resort, WV-WebsitesACE Adventure CenterClass VI River Runners.

Through much of that first decade, we functioned primarily as a content provider for static pages and as a broker for advertising, both on our own site,, and through associated travel sites such as and

But the Internet has since become anything but a source of static information. It transforms as mercurially as its billions of users transform -- in microseconds. For this reason in particular, we're expanding our interests to provide a more changeable platform for visitors and our dedicated users. You'll find our information appearing on other sites as well as our own. You'll find it on blogs, in photos, and in video format. You'll find us working in social media. Wherever there's an outfitter, a hotelier, a restaurateur in search of content, we'll be there to provide the same brand of experienced journalism and exceptional content that has won us many year's worth of accolades.

Here's looking forward to another decade of providing travelers and travel businesses the information they need.


Dave Sibray
West Virginia Explorer
Phone: (304) 575-7390