Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Burning Rock underwrites ATV content

Burning Rock Outdoor Adventure Park has agreed to underwrite the expansion of ATV touring information at West Virginia Explorer. Perhaps best known as a destination for ATV touring, the park's partnership with the online guide will provide vacationers detailed information on off-road adventures throughout the Mountain State. Please visit the website for Burning Rock to find out more about the cabins, camping, and off-road adventure packages the parks offers as well as its 2,500 foot zip-line. Thanks, Burning Rock!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

ACE helps sponsor reboot of WVExplorer

ACE Adventure Resort has been named among the chief sponsors of the reboot of the West Virginia Explorer, the Web-based guide to West Virginia first launched in 1999. Long one of the chief advertisers associated with the guide, the resort has provided the funding necessary to write and edit thousands of pages of information.

After September 1, explorers of West Virginia will find forums, galleries, and thousands of interactive articles authored by professional writers where the long-standing flagship site for West Virginia Explorer had existed. The site will also solicit visitors to enlist for free memberships, which will qualify them for travel packages and prompt them to sign up for specialty newsletters. Thank, ACE, for helping us build West Virginia!

UPDATE: ACE's investment paid off in February 2014 when the reboot of West Virginia Explorer was unveiled. LinkedIn Version: ACE reboot: a big win! - West Virginia Explorer

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allegheny Restoration sponsors new historic landmarks content

If you're a fan of West Virginia architecture, you may already know their work. Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University, the West Virginia Capitol at Charleston, the B&O Roundhouse at Martinsburg -- each of these buildings, and many more throughout the Mid-Atlantic, have been expertly restored with the help of Allegheny Restoration & Builders Inc. Their work in restoration and new construction is renowned.

What better sponsor for our forthcoming guide to historic landmarks could we find? When we unveil our new online compendium of West Virginia in September, you'll be able to peruse more than 200 pages of historic site and district information sponsored by Allegheny Restoration. Their builders, designers, and carpenters share our enthusiasm for maintaining the best of West Virginia, and we couldn't be more happy to partner with them. Please be sure to consider a consultation with Allegheny Restoration before you embark on a renovation of a historical structure. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New River Climbing School to sponsor new rock climbing content

West Virginia is among the chief rock climbing destinations in the eastern United States, and West Virginia Explorer and New River Climbing School are teaming up to provide the most thorough guide to West Virginia climbing available online. New River Climbing School has agreed to sponsor the development of our climbing information and help guide us in our mission to explore new climbing areas across the state. Instructors David and Molly Wolff will also serve as editorial advisers, assisting in our effort to expand the sport.