Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Allegheny Restoration sponsors new historic landmarks content

If you're a fan of West Virginia architecture, you may already know their work. Woodburn Hall at West Virginia University, the West Virginia Capitol at Charleston, the B&O Roundhouse at Martinsburg -- each of these buildings, and many more throughout the Mid-Atlantic, have been expertly restored with the help of Allegheny Restoration & Builders Inc. Their work in restoration and new construction is renowned.

What better sponsor for our forthcoming guide to historic landmarks could we find? When we unveil our new online compendium of West Virginia in September, you'll be able to peruse more than 200 pages of historic site and district information sponsored by Allegheny Restoration. Their builders, designers, and carpenters share our enthusiasm for maintaining the best of West Virginia, and we couldn't be more happy to partner with them. Please be sure to consider a consultation with Allegheny Restoration before you embark on a renovation of a historical structure.